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The Squeezed Middle, our podcast series with Unofficial Partner, looks at the sports rights-holders in the UK who, in times of economic downturn, are challenged to compete on either quality or price.

In the last 12 months, investment into the Squeezed Middle has continued for two main reasons: a need for short-term cash to protect long-term sustainability, and an outdated commercial model that makes rights-holders significantly undervalued for the large audiences and central role in society they hold.

So how do rights-holders in the Squeezed Middle better position themselves as investable assets? What are the current and future commercial models that are investable? And what role does data play?

Andrew Umbers, co-founder of Oakwell Sports Advisory – the former Managing Director of Credit Suisse and Chairman of Leeds United – joined PTI Digital CEO Ben Wells on episode four to discuss the choices available to sports teams, leagues and federations to maximise the value of their organisations.

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