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Managed Services

Our core IT support and customer-facing technology tackles the complexities of operating 24/7, multiple-purpose sports and entertainment venues.

Why Now?

Modern-day entertainment venues are social hubs hosting everything from conferences and weddings to concerts and iftars.

This diversification brings with it technological challenge. From digital ticketing and seamless stadium entry to fast internet connectivity and self-service food & beverage, customers expect the in-stadium tech to meet, or even exceed, their at-home experience.

However, most venues’ internal IT services are geared towards day-to-day and matchday support, and therefore aren’t equipped to keep up with the scale and pace of innovation.

Access control, IPTV, digital signage, crowd intelligence, real-time venue information…the expanding complexity of the IT estate is becoming more demanding, as well as more costly to maintain.

As a result, we find that when it comes to technology, sports and entertainment providers are reactive rather than proactive, focusing on keeping the lights on and investing only when systems break.

Our Managed Services operation gives venues access to the technical expertise they need often at specific times, at a fraction of the cost of building in-house. All without compromising the customer experience – delivering a much more seamless operation, both internally and to the customer.

Why PTI?

PTI’s Managed Services operation is used by the biggest sports and entertainment organisations in the UK.

It is run on four key principles:


Proven, tangible efficiencies and cost-saving – providing 7x7x7 (7am-7pm, seven days a week) coverage without the significant cost of a 24/7 service desk.


Delivering a support-services solution that reflects the peaks, troughs and sales cycles of the season. And we don’t have to start afresh – our solutions work with, and enhance, existing IT services.


We work as part of our client’s team to achieve their goals, and our fractional CTO service (CTOaaS) delivers leading technological expertise, underpinned by an innate knowledge of the sports world – all without the overhead costs of a full-time CTO hire.


Our simple integration process is human and easy to understand, despite the technical depth of knowledge required.

PTI’s digital transformation pyramid, which looks at what role (beyond business as usual) technology can play in an organisation’s future strategic planning, enables our Managed Services clients to tap into our expertise in data, digital and commercial operations. Through this we can help create new revenue opportunities in areas such as membership, sponsorship and ticket sales.

Looking for a more sustainable business model?