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Listen to the first in our “Squeezed Middle” podcast series with Unofficial Partner, and hear PTI Digital CEO Ben Wells and Scottish Rugby’s Head of Business Development Charlie Simpson discuss the commercial models of those rights-holders unable to compete on quality or price.

Topics discussed include:

[2.45]: What is meant by the Squeezed Middle and who’s in it
[8.07]: Scottish Rugby’s commercial model and growth strategy
[12.29]: The commercial rethink required in this cost-of-living crisis
[17.29]: Moving from a live events business to a digital media business
[22.32]: What private equity investors are looking for in sport
[33.40]: The present and future of rugby union’s audience
[40.02]: The role of OTT channels in the rights-holder model
[43.54]: Strategic focus and approaching business transformation
[47.49]: Commercialising audiences in the Squeezed Middle


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