Digital Transformation

What are we actually talking about when we say “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION”?

PTI have a very simple definition:

“Harnessing the potential of digital tools and your own data to move your business from a 20-30 day a year event business to an always-on, always-engaging, always-monetising media business.”

The PTI Digital Transformation PyramidTM

What is critical is to understand your journey holistically. Projects in isolation may make a small difference but it is only with a comprehensive strategic approach and the joining together of each component part that you are able to achieve a multiplier effect and a complete transformation of your business.

It all starts with understanding “why?”. Too many in our view, rush straight into the “what?” without first understanding what the question is. Our model provides context for all your commercial, marketing and technology activity and investment considerations and allows you to map the journey over a suitable period of time.

The Digital Transformation Pyramid
The Digital Transformation Pyramid

Why you need to consider Digital Transformation

This is the “transformation” part: it enables an overhaul of what is a decaying and finite commercial model. It is not called “digital iteration” for a reason: this is not a time where tinkering will do. It requires a bold vision, a very honest look in the mirror and a clear, costed roadmap between where you are now and where you want to be. It is what used to be called “strategy”, the big difference being that modern tools and techniques enable that holistic pivot at much greater pace.

PTI view the process as an evolutionary revolution: the endgame is transformational but we approach it in a pragmatic fashion which dovetails with our clients’ own priorities and financial planning process. We can tailor our approach to suit but we ensure at all times that our approach is modular, meaning that we are constantly building towards your vision without the need to start again or retrace your steps.

PTI have three core consultancy divisions – Commercial Strategy, Data & Digital & Venue Technology. Each can be delivered individually but when combined they create a multiplier effect for both short and long-term revenues. Some of our clients have started their digital transformation journey at the base of the pyramid and built on top of it. Others have started from the commercial strategy end, others in the middle.