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Charlie Boss joined PTI Digital CEO Ben Wells on episode three of the Squeezed Middle, our content series with Unofficial Partner, to discuss the role of data in driving commercial growth in UK football.

The Squeezed Middle series looks at the vast number of sports rights-holders in the UK who, in times of economic downturn, are challenged to compete on either quality or price.

Charlie joined Southampton as Chief Commercial Officer at the end of the 2022/23 season. One of his first jobs was to navigate Southampton’s 11-year stay in the Premier League coming to an end during a cost-of-living crisis.

Despite these headwinds, Saints have posted a number of commercial records, including the single biggest day of kit shirt sales since 2015 and 3,000 new season ticket-holders. Data-driven insight and a deeper dialogue with the club’s Fan Advisory Board has been central to the commercial strategy that has delivered these successes.

Episode one of the Squeezed Middle series featured Scottish Rugby’s Head of Business Development Charlie Simpson, while episode two saw Jon Dutton, CEO of British Cycling, discuss the challenges and opportunities being faced by National Governing Bodies (NGBs).


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