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The Squeezed Middle, our content series with Unofficial Partner, has returned for its second episode and features Jon Dutton, CEO of British Cycling.

The Squeezed Middle series looks at the vast number of sports rights-holders in the UK who, in times of economic downturn, are challenged to compete on either quality or price.

With the backdrop of the cost-of-living crisis, Jon and PTI Digital CEO Ben Wells look at the challenges and opportunities being faced by National Governing Bodies (NGBs).

Listen now to hear about:

[2.36]: How Jon identifies the Squeezed Middle
[5.27]: The role Jon’s been challenged with at British Cycling
Why NGBs need to take greater control of their destiny financially
The dream membership model for an NGB
Balancing the needs of its elite and grassroots audiences
[29.40]: Using data and digital to understanding how NGBs service their audiences
[33.40] Why social impact and value will be central to future sponsorships
[39.00] The new demands from brand partners around hyper-targeting and storytelling
[43.21]: How to navigate the complexities of an NGB’s stakeholder group
[49.41]: The role for PE investment in the NGB world.


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