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What We Do

PTI is an independent strategy and technology consultancy that creates more sustainable businesses in the sports and entertainment sectors.


We create dynamic and scalable commercial models that harness the potential of the digital age, and create realistic and achievable roadmaps for you to transform your business.


Our industry-leading expertise in commercial, data, digital and technology helps you solve problems and implement the business strategy that will improve performance and achieve specific business goals.


We put in place the right technology infrastructure and ongoing support to power your business – covering the entire tech stack that underpins a modern-day business built on data and digital.

Our Services

Business Audit

A detailed examination and GAP analysis of your entire business, focusing on systems, skillsets and processes in comparison to your long-term vision. Includes detailed audits of Data and Data Processes, Digital Ecosystems, and Technology Estates.

Product and Project Roadmapping

Creation of long-term investment roadmaps that enable your business to maximise cost-efficiencies and revenue-generation without jeopardising BAU. Includes detailed roadmaps for Data and Data Processes, Digital Ecosystems and Technology Estates.

Technology Integration

Design and build of a technology ecosystem that achieves a multiplier for your business – avoiding technology silos and solutions that don’t integrate that typically bring cost inefficiencies and revenue loss.

RFP & Tender Management

Defining the requirements, writing the required documentation and managing the tender process of your technology solutions through to implementation. Our experience covers the entire technology stack, including ticketing, data solutions, websites, mobile applications, IPTV and WiFi.

Experts as a Service

Chief Technology (CTOaaS), Data Protection (DPOaaS) and Chief Information Security (CISOaaS) Officers who deliver key expertise at the fraction of a cost of full-time hires – allowing you to focus on the areas of business that need it most.

IT Managed Services

Round-the-clock IT support – across network, application, infrastructure and security – that is specialised for sports and entertainment providers. Improve your tech operations, cut expenses and open up time to focus on big picture tech projects.

Why Act Now?

Sport’s commercial model is under the greatest amount pressure it has ever faced. And unless organisations rethink their commercial model, they won’t simply become irrelevant, they’ll go out of business.

Why Act Now?
Why Act Now?

The PTI Digital Transformation Pyramid

The event day model – which most sports organisations’ business are based around – is limited by venue capacity and number of events.

So what if, as a sports organisation, you could engage your audiences year-round, wherever they are – driving new revenue streams and business diversification?

This means rather than convincing them to come to you a handful of times a year, you can go to them anytime. And every time you engage with them, you collect more information about them, information that you can use to deliver a more personal customer experience, greater satisfaction, retention and advocacy.

This is digital transformation.

Delivered through the PTI Digital Transformation PyramidTM

PTI Digital Transformation Pyramid
PTI Digital Transformation Pyramid

The PTI Digital Transformation PyramidTM provides context for all your commercial, marketing and technology activity and allows you to map the digital transformation journey over a suitable period of time.

Looking for a more sustainable business model?