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What We Do

PTI is an independent strategy and technology consultancy that creates more sustainable businesses in the sports and entertainment sectors.


We create dynamic and scalable commercial models that harness the potential of the digital age, and create realistic and achievable roadmaps for you to transform your business.


Our industry-leading expertise in commercial, data, digital and technology helps you solve problems and implement the business strategy that will improve performance and achieve specific business goals.


We put in place the right technology infrastructure and ongoing support to power your business – covering the entire tech stack that underpins a modern-day business built on data and digital.

Why Now?

The vast majority of sports organisations still rely on a commercial model that’s been out-of-date for two decades, when the internet become widely adopted.

For rights-holders (clubs, leagues, tournaments) this is making money by selling tickets to events; televising those events for broadcasters to show; and selling advertising around the eyeballs watching live or on TV. In that order.

Covid exposed this model when events couldn’t be held for the first time in living memory – decimating ticketing and hospitality revenue almost overnight.

And with the pay-TV model challenged by cord-cutting and piracy – and the shift-to-digital making sponsorship harder to sell than ever – more and more organisations are realising they cannot continue with the long-standing commercial model and expect to see massive uplifts in commercial return.

We believe the sports organisations that don’t give their commercial model a rethink face not just the prospect of becoming irrelevant, but going out of business.

The PTI Digital Transformation Pyramid

The event day model – which most sports organisations’ business are based around – is limited by venue capacity and number of events.

So what if, as a sports organisation, you could engage your audiences year-round, wherever they are – driving new revenue streams and business diversification?

This means rather than convincing them to come to you a handful of times a year, you can go to them anytime. And every time you engage with them, you collect more information about them, information that you can use to deliver a more personal customer experience, greater satisfaction, retention and advocacy.

This is digital transformation.

Delivered through the PTI Digital Transformation PyramidTM

PTI Digital Transformation Pyramid
PTI Digital Transformation Pyramid

The PTI Digital Transformation PyramidTM provides context for all your commercial, marketing and technology activity and allows you to map the digital transformation journey over a suitable period of time.

Our USPs


We present our work in an accessible format: no jargon or buzzwords, just plain English. There is no point in providing advice that no-one understands


We are wholly independent, and are vendor agnostic. You can be 100% sure our advice is completely impartial


Our goal is to enable our clients to reduce their reliance on third parties and to allow them to regain control over their own assets, including their customer relationships


We will always tell you what we honestly think. We always prefer to tell an uncomfortable truth than a comfortable lie


We always maintain a personal touch. A member of our Exec team will always be involved in your account

Sharing Risk

We are happy to put our money where our mouth is as regards fee structures

Senior Management Team

Ben Wells

Ben Wells

Chief Executive Officer

A strategic commercial marketer with experience across multiple business sectors, having consulted at Board level to sponsor brands (including at major events such as the FIFA World Cup) and held senior leadership positions in sports organisations, including Bath Rugby and Chelsea FC. Get in touch to discuss your commercial strategy and to understand how you can use your digital assets and smart reporting to generate revenue.

Michelle Tricker

Michelle Tricker

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle has worked in the Sports industry for nearly 20 years. Having worked within commercial teams at football clubs Michelle understands the challenges clubs and venues face to realise growth, deliver fan engagement, maximise revenue and create an ROI for investment in technology. Michelle leads the PTI team, systems and processes to ensure that we can deliver excellence for our clients and is a key point of contact throughout any engagement.

Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown

Chief Data and Digital Officer

A proven analytical and commercial leader that delivers bottom line returns, Daniel has a track record in transforming Sports and Entertainment companies by placing data insights and digital growth at the heart of their vision to deliver commercial, customer engagement and operational strategies. If you are a rightsholder looking to mature your data and digital journey, get in touch.

Dan Smith

Dan Smith

Chief Technology Officer

With over 25 years working in the IT industry, Dan has extensive experience in both the technologies that underpin modern sports and entertainment venues, and the critical role they play in enabling digital and commercial strategies. Dan combines technical knowledge, commercial understanding and people skills to encourage the best outcome across people, process and tools, and has a proven track record of delivering impact for organisations incuding The Jockey Club, Norwich City FC and a globally recognised first-class cricket club.

Looking for a more sustainable business model?