Norwich City Football Club

Taking a ‘digital first’ approach in re-imaging the club’s ecosystem for the future of fan engagement.


Norwich City Football Club were behind the curve in terms of their IT systems, being disparate in nature and lacking the ability to communicate with each other. From a strategic perspective, the club needed support in building a future ready infrastructure that could lead to commercial growth and fan engagement.

The key goal was to become ‘digital first’ to better engage with their fan base whilst achieving Premier League compliance and installing the technology plumbing that would form the foundation of the future vision.

The Challenges

The in-house IT team, whilst delivering for business as usual, lacked the strategic guidance and industry experience to move from reactive to proactive. This had led to technology and digital needs being decentralised in the business, resulting in siloed thinking and poorer collective outcomes.

The PTI Solution

As a trusted partner to the sports industry, PTI completed a rapid assessment of the estate across technology to meet the immediate need of Premier League compliance. Following this, the foundational layers have now been laid, a digital strategy approved by the board and the club are now in the final stages of a technology selection across a broad range of services including an exit from EFL iFollow, allowing Norwich City to take control of their own streaming product; a new mobile app, website, and data solution for an integrated single customer view, a new ticketing platform, and enhanced business intelligence capabilities for internal stakeholders, all underpinned by enterprise connectivity at Carrow Road.

Blending a unique set of expertise across technology, digital and commercial, PTI have brought about trust in the future outcomes and built a roadmap for success which the club are committed to delivering.

I trust them implicitly… I like the breadth of skillset they have, which I appreciate massively. I can pick up the phone and get a solution… I have full confidence in the solution and journey... They’re almost an extension of our team, and I think everyone at Carrow Road would agree.

Ben KensellChief Operating Officer

To build a ‘future-ready’ infrastructure you need to have the right team... Having looked to the market, PTI Digital were a clear stand out in this space because they could do just that – help us to understand the technology requirements such as connectivity, and the plumbing to get the foundations right, before building out a data and digital strategy tailored to our ambitions and on to assisting in delivering the commercial strategy to justify the investment.

Ben KensellChief Operating Officer

What’s Next

Norwich City FC need more inventory to take to market both locally and globally. Connectivity, data, and commercialisation are key focus points to ensure success and drive their digital strategy. The club are committed to the completion of the technology roadmap, which will support in taking the club from behind the curve to ahead of the curve. Going into 2021 and beyond, the club plan to be in a great position both on and off the pitch, focusing on their digital assets, such as their website, app, digital activity, and data insights.