Norwich City Football Club

Norwich City Football Club

Taking a ‘digital first’ approach in re-imaging the club’s ecosystem for the future of fan engagement.

Whilst combatting the fluctuations between the Premier League and the Championship, Norwich City decided that they could become independent of the EFL’s centralized data and digital scheme as well as progress further than established Premier League clubs by enhancing the in-stadium technology and enabled fan experience.

Recognising they were behind-the-curve in data, digital and technology capabilities, Norwich City looked to PTI to revise totally the technology, Wi-Fi and digital infrastructure and unlock a fan engagement and commercial growth strategy that would be industry leading ahead of the club’s return to the Premier League.

PTI firstly completed a rapid assessment of the Club’s existing IT and technology estate, with the initial aim of meeting Premier League compliance and then installed essential technology services to unlock the digital potential of the Club and build the future vision.

On this foundation, PTI then created a strategy to drive maximum return on investment and enable commercialisation of the Club’s digital and data assets. PTI are currently in delivery mode for the Data & Digital strategy being enabled by the new technology foundations in place, with the appointment of a new mobile app partner and CRM solution, ensuring the entire digital ecosystem is connected and the customer experience is as personalized as possible.