CoOp Live

Co-op Live

Data Insights driving customer experience and monetisation and helping design the optimal tech stack to support it

Co-op Live, opening in late 2023, is set to be the largest arena in Europe, sitting as part of the Etihad Campus in Manchester. Working in partnership with City Football Group, Oakview Group (OVG) will be creating a truly unique and groundbreaking destination.​ PTI were retained by OVG in March 2020 on a five year partnership to deliver its commercial, data, digital and technology expertise across OVG’s portfolio of International venues, starting with Co-op Live.

PTI were retained pre-planning to articulate an integrated data, digital and commercial strategy that puts a ‘frictionless customer experience’ at the heart of the customer journey, whilst driving commercial returns.

PTI started by helping to reduce OVG’s technology CapEx budget by over 15% by driving efficiency in selections and deployment methodologies without compromising the compliance specification.

We then profiled all mortgage and credit card data within a 90-minute drive time of the Arena to create accurate customer personas to inform the optimum physical and digital experience for them, from events being announced all the way through to the journey back home afterwards, creating a truly personalised experience. Placing a deep understanding of the customer – their needs and potential pain points – enabled PTI to design seamless and frictionless experiences that defined the technology deployment required to deliver them,

Those customer personas have also been instrumental in helping OVG to unlock new sponsorship conversations as data becomes a key driver of sponsorship value,

We have now entered the Delivery Phase for Co-op Live, and continue to deploy the technology roadmap as a CTOaaS and CDOaaS

Mark Donnelly, COO of OVG International, said: “OVG is committed to delivering a world-class experience in all our venues, ensuring they are built for the times we live in but also with an eye to the future. PTI have a unique proposition in covering commercial, data & digital and technology expertise in a single place and the team are supporting us to articulate a vision of that digital future, making sure the backbone infrastructure is in place to connect that for us.”