Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham

Craig Flindall and Alex Perkins discuss Edgbaston’s technology plans, the progress they have made and how PTI have helped deliver these changes.


Edgbaston Stadium underwent redevelopment in 2009/10 and have since focused relentlessly on customer service, putting this at the heart of their decisions. With further plans to develop a master plan at the site and move with the digital times we live in, they partnered with PTI to take their next steps forward for technology competence, enabling informed decision making processes.

The Challenges

With no technology or digital resource in business, Edgbaston Stadium were left unsure on which initiatives to look at and how to proceed, hindering the next evolution of customer experience at the venue. Equally, with an experienced yet small commercial team, the ability to capitalise on new digital assets was a concern for the business.

The PTI Solution

PTI provide fractional consultancy across tech and digital on a flexible and affordable basis that has empowered them to feel confident in selections. This entailed:

  • Detailed oversight of the entire estate to ensure the pyramid of technology is at its core
  • Developing a best in class, digitally enabled customer experience for all users – match day fans of all backgrounds, conferences and more

Further, the PTI sales team have represented Edgbaston Stadium inventory in market, most recently assisting in the sale of their test match LED minutes. From market valuation to front end sales, PTI’s fractional model has proved a fit from the board room to the sales floor.

PTI Delivered a solution that enabled us to get the requisite experts in technology on a fractional basis, through the Chief Technology Office as a Service.

Craig FlindallChief Operating Officer

PTI have taken away many barriers to digital transformation, particularly the expertise and skillset that the team have. It has given us a resource that we didn’t have previously… Particularly the media sales team, it really feels like an extension of the team in that space, helping us to secure commercial revenues.

Alex PerkinsHead of Commercial

PTI have taken away the barrier around inhibition. The barrier of not really investing or moving forward with any technology projects… What’s important around PTI is their specialist knowledge around sports and stadia.

Craig FlindallChief Operating Officer

We’ve had a lot of value from PTI in terms of our commercial relationships so far. That real value in industry trends and practices has been absolutely vital for us. It has allowed us to conduct a digital audit of our complete digital landscape, and what our best assets are. PTI’s media sales team allows us extra resource to the team that we have in-house and allows us to open more doors and access more opportunity for our digital assets.

Alex PerkinsHead of Commercial

What’s Next

2021 and beyond, the focus is on the launch of new club app to digitise the customer experience and continue on the pathway to personalising every customer journey, providing more touchpoints for the supporters and visitors on both match and non-match days.

Moving forward as a venue there is re-development planned, and as part of that it is vital to build-in digital assets accordingly with current market trends, which PTI will be supporting with.