Scottish Rugby Union

Scottish Rugby Union

Driving digital transformation for Scottish Rugby


Following the Covid pandemic, and an injection of money from CVC in 2021, the rugby unions competing in the Six Nations had a new impetus to develop new commercial strategies to ease a dependence on matchday revenue.

The Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) engaged PTI to create a digital transformation strategy that included a new Target Operating Model centred on data.

What did PTI do?

Within the context of the SRU’s recently-published strategy, PTI undertook a full audit of the SRU, across all aspects of current revenue generation, and its existing data, digital and IT architecture.

This included benchmarking IT & Venue Infrastructure against the best in the market, and Customer Journey-Mapping focused on data capture to understand what the SRU could leverage from that data.

Recommendations for improvements in a cost and time efficient manner were made – leveraging existing infrastructure where possible. PTI also provided the SRU’s IT steering group with clear recommendations on the what, how and why for technological improvements, and the drive to a 24/7/365 commercially-driven technology model.

All aspects of the roadmap were broken down to the current SRU position, development and long-term connection to its objectives.


In addition to the longer-term investment roadmap, PTI’s action plan led to 23 initial quick win action points, all of which were developed in line with the strategy, and the mid-to-long-term goals. After rolling out PTI’s recommendations, SRU’s first-party, addressable audience increased by 50% within the following six months.