Leading Premier League club

Leading Premier League Club

Delivering specialist IT support to transform technology operations


With sports venues increasingly diversifying and customer expectations on the rise, the IT estate required to deliver comprehensive day-to-day operations for customers, employees and business partners has become more complex and more costly to maintain.

This means venues require specialist technologies and expertise, covering everything from seamless stadium entry and CCTV to IPTV and network security, something that most organisations cannot afford to build internally.

What did PTI do?

PTI was contacted by a UEFA Champions League-level Premier League club, challenged with not being able to fully get its game-changing, strategic technology projects off the ground at the pace required.

Primarily, this was due to its technology team being overwhelmed by day-to-day, “administrative” tasks that ensured business as usual across the club over the course of the 10-month season.

Using its experience across data, digital and commercial operations – and CTO as a Service (CTOaaS) that delivers leading technological expertise – PTI consulted the club on the structure of and investments into its technology team, including the introduction of PTI’s industry-leading MSP (Managed Services Provider) solution.

Since the start of 2024, PTI has been delivering the club with a 7x7x7 (7am-7pm, seven days a week) MSP solution, which includes remotely managing and delivering core business applications, account authentication and network security, employee onboarding and offboarding, and end-user computing.

Through the MSP, the club has been able to extend IT support outside the hours of Monday-Friday-8am-6pm; reduce the costs of having to pay overtime for staff working outside work hours; and freed up its internal IT team from day-to-day administrative work.

In addition, PTI has started a bespoke project to refine the employee starter and leaving process to enable the MSP team to become more integrated in the process, freeing up even more time for the club’s internal IT team. The PTI Service Desk Manager has also attended monthly club meetings, giving guidance for further efficiencies.


Since the start of 2024, PTI has delivered, on average, 70 hours of MSP support per week to the Premier League club.

In this time, PTI has managed a third of the club’s IT ticket requests – a figure that is likely to increase over the course of the season run-in, allowing the club IT team the opportunity to focus on other tasks and responsibility.

The club has also been able to focus and accelerate its bigger, game-changing technology initiatives.