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Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) have joined forces with PTI Digital to deliver a cohesive technology strategy, starting with a brand new and innovative mobile app.

PTI Digital bring industry-leading expertise to assist HRI take their first steps towards digital-led business transformation.

As data and digital consulting lead on the project, PTI is supporting Horse Racing Ireland to broaden the appeal of horse racing and grow their fanbase for the portfolio of racecourses, bringing a commercial focus to technology and create better engagement for fans, spectators and participants in 2021.

With technology already identified by HRI as a key area for innovation, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the need to maximise the effectiveness of and possibilities within HRI’s technology capabilities.

Within a complex stakeholder environment, alongside a need for dedicated expertise internally, HRI looked to identify where to commit time and finance to create the most impactful result. PTI have been chosen to create and deliver a strategy for a mobile app as part of a wider digital vision that will deliver growth and revenue for the business, enhance race day experience, engage key audiences and meet wider HRI strategic objectives.

PTI bring integrated thinking to HRI’s technology strategy

While also designing and delivering the mobile app strategy and implementation, PTI’s extensive expertise in digital strategy execution brings integrated thinking and direction to HRI’s strategy.

Enabling a cohesive, top-down and digitally-led approach to create a solid and accountable set of technology objectives to help prioritise spend and put in place decision-making filters for a clear approach is a PTI trademark from which HRI are already benefitting

PTI will now support HRI in the tender process for the mobile app, supporting the appointment and implementation, while also helping HRI to re-imagine their commercial structure for the digital age and realise the potential for driving maximum value by unleashing digital capabilities. PTI will create a roadmap for HRI to illuminate a new approach to digital, demonstrating an impactful and effective 365-day model, digital sponsorship approach and wide-reaching digital transformation.

Paul Dermody, CEO HRI Racecourses and Director of Commercial and Marketing, said: “HRI is determined to grow the profile of and attendances at Irish racing. We believe that investing in enhancing the customer experience is a key part of that strategy, particularly the digital customer experience, on the racecourse or indeed away from the racecourse. PTI have brought an impressive level of expertise across a wide range of areas that have seen us expand our thinking, ambitions and confidence in the digital space.

“Having PTI at our side as we take the next steps on our journey ensures we’ll be at the cutting edge of thinking in digital, be that from a commercial standpoint in delivering scalable revenues or a technical standpoint in ensuring we deploy an integrated and connected digital eco-system.”

Mike Bohndiek, Chief Executive Office at PTI Digital, added: “We’re excited to be helping Horse Racing Ireland not only get into a strong position to create first-rate race day experiences when crowds return, but to be part of an ongoing journey that will lead to a visible and tangible transformation in line with their strategic objectives, led by a digitally-focused commercial approach.


For more information, please contact Anna Young, Strategic Communications Manager at PTI Digital: anna.young@ptidigitalgroupcom

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