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With advances in technology, it is now feasible that the digital ticketing entry systems are producing high quality data analytics about their sports fans. This means insight teams can gather important information about who is in the stadium and create the ultimate personalised fan experience using this knowledge 

Flex your data muscle…

Ticketing data is one of the most important resources of information to help teams and stadiums retain and grow their current fanbase. More traditional resources of activating this current data is limited to email and other communication channels alikehence why sports teams are now investing in a club app designed specifically for their loyal fans. By utilising this collected data, it can be modelled and segmented allowing clubs to unlock multiple channels that were previously limited. With the industry currently on pause due to COVID-19, there are now more club apps than ever before with the opportunity to improve the fan experience, whilst driving ticket sales and partnership opportunities.  

Up your game…

Not only does ticketing data allow you to better understand your fans and audiences, but it gives you the opportunity to tailor the ticketpurchase experience. It also provides greater control and insight into the sales and overall marketing processes, enabling clubs to sell tickets more effectively and encouraging an increase in sales for future events. Alongside this, it enables clubs and venues to explore new data sources, invest in the right talent to execute and influence the decision making, establish a technology road map and finally refine the future state experience (Deloitte, 2019). 

Keeping the fans entertained…

Our partner, Satisfy Labs enable a new way of powering messaging through channels using AIincluding enhancing monetisation
opportunities and improving fan engagement. Their AI knowledge system – Answer Engine – enables clubs to provide realtime answers, not just results. Fans can enquire about almost anything, such as on-demand answers about; dynamic stats, food and beverage information, foreign language options and even digital ticketing assistance thus, keeping fans engaged pre, post and during the event! 

Armed with this data, clubs and venues can find innovative ways to engage with sports fans via club apps, including Man-of-the-match voting, polls or social media conservations. Research has shown that 62% of sports fans believe using technology can improve their overall match day experience, as well as 60% of sports fans stating technology makes them feel more involved with the club and that their opinions are valued, which influences fan behaviour and loyalty drastically If fans unfortunately can’t attend their teams fixture – integrated data sources and analytics can be used to target those who did not attend fixtures, using this as an opportunity to get more fans to download the app and feel a part of the action even if they aren’t physically there.  

Get creative with your sponsors…

More data means more creative ways to connect with sponsors and to customise stadium advertisingThe collected data including who attended the event, in-stadium purchase history and where they moved within the stadium will prove extremely valuable aclubs can integrate sponsorship engagement activations based on fan profiles and loyalty schemes. There has been a large increase over the past five years in cross-promoting stadiums with ride-share apps and food delivery platforms, which can be issued as rewards to fans via inapp promotions. 

PTI’s partner Rover provide rich engaging content that can leverage a clubs app with match previews, quizzes, polls, surveys and other match day content including a “buy now” button for future events. Delivering these campaigns to the fan creates a smarter audience, and from a fans perspective they can personalise and select their preferences making sure everything is targeted specifically for them, including ads!  

Where do your loyalties lie?

Season ticket holders make up the top 70% of a sports club fan database and ticket revenue. Therefore, communication must be relevant, high value and personalised for them to keep coming back for more. They are the most loyal and dedicated of them all, so they expect rewards. This can be done by sending engaging content, presale ticketed events, or special VIP content ensuring that they feel valued and welcomed to the club or venue. This also is a great way to drive revenue, meaning happy fanhappy club. Renewals are important after each season and the ticketing data can provide clubs with the information to speak to fans at the right time and encourage them to renew. One way to do this would be to engage lapsed season ticket members with new content and promotionsproviding them with additional incentives when they renew early. This then encourages and unforcefully pushes fans accurately personalised content with the right promotions, increasing website traffic and flow. Finally, with the appropriate use of data, clubs can unlock more valuable opportunities for sponsors to engage with a high-spend audience, so everybody is a winner! 

The After Effect…

The match experience no longer starts when fans sit down in their seats, but much earlier and ends long after the match is over. Once fans have left the stadium, it is crucial for clubs and venues to maintain communication with the fan until their next purchase, all through automation. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, all by utilising the data that has been collectedSome clubs have identified this as a key revenue driver and have acknowledged the commercial opportunity created by fan zones for both pre and post-match experiences. As there is a large social element to matches, existing data tells us that fans usually dwell after a match, for around thirtytosixty minutes postevent. This is where the use of geolocation and automated messaging can assistOnce the match has finished and fans have started making their way out of the stadium or venue, geolocation can maintain communication and extend the match day experience. Using automation, why not send a fan a personalised message and thank them for attending, or through partnerships with local businesses, offer discounts in nearby restaurants. 

We at PTI can support you in establishing what your fans thrive from, and use that knowledge to bring you revitalised sponsorship and commercial revenue streams. 

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