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COVID-19 has hugely impacted life as we know it – no travelling to see family, no pub meet-ups with friends, no sports on the weekends. Overall, our lives have been restricted to staying indoors, leading to a boost in our use of technology and the internet. 

 During the beginning of lockdown in the UK, Statista released information of a 48% increase in the viewing of Live TV. We are now living in our own personal bubble, catching up with live programmes and streaming services, which are means of easy entertainment. 

 Online gaming has been keeping people busy, with FIFA and Football Manager competitions ran by football clubs; Animal Crossing was released for the Nintendo Switch, with an online feature allowing “villagers” to meet their friends online; games such as Call of Duty allow friends to play and chat online. Games are keeping people connected!  

The UK Government is using technology to help disadvantaged young people. Laptops and 4G hotspot devices are being provided to those eligible, helping with their education during the lockdown period. It is positive to know that education is still available for every child during this challenging time. 

Remote working has increased for companies across the country, allowing workers to be in a safe space and continue in their posts. The use of the internet and 4G has increased due to this, and internet and mobile providers have offers to aid this transition: 

  • EE offers unlimited data to customers for six months 
  • Vodafone offers unlimited 4G for 30 days through their VeryMe section on their app  

Although we may be apart, luckily there are ways we can stay together. Let us know what technology you are using to keep in touch with your friends and family! 

Stay safe. 

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