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By Daniel Brown, Data & Digital Director at PTI Smarter Venues

It’s certainly been a challenging week for those working in the sports and entertainment industry thanks to the ever-growing impact of COVID19. With leagues and events shut down across the globe, there is increased pressure and demand on digital communication channels to keep customers and fans updated as the situation develops.

In response to the issues, our Data and Digital Director, Daniel Brown, shares his top five tips on what sports clubs and entertainment venues need to be thinking about from a digital and data perspective over this postponement period.

  1. Keeping Fans in the Loop: There must be clear communication to the fans about what is happening, be this via your app, email or social media platforms. This must project a full understanding of the situations on ticketing, season tickets, refunds and cancellations. This will keep communication with fans flowing and help to close down the rumour mill. We’ve already seen many clubs be proactive and get this out within hours of the announcement on Friday – don’t get left behind
  2. GDPR Service Messaging: A GDPR concern could be is contacting those who have not opted in. However, the safety and security of the fans is paramount, therefore a service message keeping ALL relevant fans up to date is a must.
  3. Communicating with Employees: If working from home becomes the norm, ensure communication lines are still open between colleagues and the ability to communicate is still available and in place. Utilise all technology that your business has is in place to keep those communications going – you need to be tighter than ever.
  4. Keep in Contact with the Ecosystem: Make sure there is a clear alignment of communication with sponsors, partners, suppliers and contractors to keep them aware of the situation and operations within your club/organisation. Keep them up to date with all changes – it’s their spend and income too. It is crucial to keep the communication with your wider ecosystem – let’s not forget also the freelancers and part-time workforce that rely on your match days for income, keep them engaged.
  5. Keeping Morale High: Due to the lack of events, creating content to keep fans’ morale high is critical. Create content for your fans with the right messaging, highlighting important and positive times. You can do this through a range of methods. Consider archive footage, still images and quotes. We’ve already seen some great examples of clubs playing simple games against each other on Twitter and the use of e-sports to fill the void, which have brought a sense of fun to a dire situation. Keep it going! The fans are in the same boat as the club – it’s uncertain for you all. Build on this commonality through openness and transparency.

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