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Connacht Rugby Data Monetisation Case Study

Read the full case study here


PTI Consulting are helping Connacht Rugby evolve to fully realise their opportunity to create commercial growth through Data Monetisation strategies. Building upon the foundation the club has been able to create through clever partnerships with the local community and University, the team had already built a series of useful data dashboards to provide valuable insight on fan engagement.

PTI will continue to help drive the growth in data democratization, data capture and analysis. This relationship, alongside utilisation of existing infrastructure and leveraging supplier relationships will combine to deliver the strategy.

Data Monetization

We feel that PTI Consulting are an ideal service provider of Data Monetization solutions to Connacht Rugby. They have a team of consultants who have been there, done it, in sporting contexts so they were quickly able to speak our language and adapt to our constraints whilst delivering value. Understanding our customer data is crucial to our strategy to engage the local community and create deeper more valuable relationships.

Brian Mahoney, Head of Commercial and Marketing

Read the full case study here

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