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Nottingham Forest Football Club CTOaaS Case Study

Nottingham Forest Football Club has partnered with PTI Consulting to improve the technology infrastructure across the club’s facilities.

Click here to read the Nottingham Forest Case Study

The vision of the club owner, Mr Evangelos Marinakis, is to deliver the club back to the top flight of English football, whilst providing a stadium and infrastructure that reflect the ambition of one of the most iconic English clubs.

Two services were quickly identified as essential to the club. PTI Consulting’s CTOaaS was engaged to ensure strategic technology delivery, as well as Managed Services to help manage and deliver the day to day IT requirements.

With exciting projects such as a new E-Commerce Platform, Ticketing Platform, ISP, CRM, WiFi, Networking and Cyber Security to focus on over the next year, the club are investing in the infrastructure that will provide the platform for commercial growth in the years to come.

“PTI Consulting has been helping Nottingham Forest understand exactly how our infrastructure and technology stack looks like today and create strategic recommendations on where we need to invest. Our vision is to deliver a future ready infrastructure that enhances the environment for our people to work and offer our fans the very best match day experience possible.”

Samantha Gordon, Chief Financial Officer, Nottingham Forest Football Club

Click here to read the Nottingham Forest Case Study

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