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Premier League Club GDPR Case Study
By Adrian Jolly (Data Protection Officer)

PTI Consulting are helping an established Premier League football club to drive organisational change across their customer data management policy to better align to the GDPR guidelines and improve the way the club communicates with their fans.

Following an initial data management audit process, it was apparent there was a general lack of structure, alongside a lack of implemented policies and procedures, all of which resulted in a low level of appreciation of the spirit and implications of GDPR.

The club had previously implemented a very draconian one size fits all response to a fan requesting that they “didn’t want to receive marketing messages” and then applied this across all forms of communication, which resulted in all communication being halted, including informing season ticket holders of key renewal dates.

PTI Consulting are helping the club understand how we fully manage our data. This has hugely helped us with two key areas of business intelligence and GDPR compliance. The team have been instrumental in helping us structure, utilise and monetise our data. Their pragmatic approach allow us to understand what we need to do to comply and put the optimal processes in place. PTI’s unrivaled experience in the sports and event market was a great fit for the club.

Senior Management Team at Premier League Football Club

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