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Part 3 | How Technology Will Change Sport

Seven Trends for 2019

Concluding the mini-series on the trends to watch in 2019 PTI Consulting take a look at the views of digital agency Seven League, who have provided their comprehensive thoughts on the subject!

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The Good: A Return to Community! Many sports club have awoken to the need to engage with their local surroundings and not just at the token surface level that has previously seen the foundation or charitable arms of clubs be on the periphery. Now they are much more integrated, with data exchange flowing and a more rounded fan (read resident) experience being tailored to the individual as a result

The Bad: Piracy! The move to a streaming base and more people driving online to consume content drives a new secondary market to that of the ticket tout – piracy. How the disruptors in the OTT space will move to close this down – with far greater gusto than broadcasters have previously – will be an interesting watch in 2019.

The Big Question: Athletes and media! How will the role of the individual take its place within the context of team environments? 2018 saw Nike load into counter culture and take the individual to the heart of their campaigns, how will team branding managers respond versus individual commercial rights?

Don’t Forget: Voice recognition! Alexa has a role to play in stadia – could it be voice ordering from executive boxes to cut hostess overheads and improve the speed of service for example? It’s not yet been cracked so one to follow in 2019 as more people put a toe in the water.

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