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How will it Impact Sport? – Predictions

Part two of the 2019 trend mini series features the thoughts from Sport Techie.

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The Good: Mobile ticketing! This will be the norm in stadia from 2021 onwards is the PTI Consulting view; bringing the benefits of increased security, ticket audit and tracking, additional fan data capture and better fan experience for smooth entry. With more platforms delivering this year on year, 2019 will be a year in which many start their journey towards what will become a standard – think airports and boarding passes!

The Bad: Privacy! Whilst GDPR coming into force in 2018 helped to alert consumers to their rights these are still being flouted by many in the sports and entertainment space – relying on customer loyalty to overcome lacking basic safeguards. Whilst an angry Tesco customer may go to ASDA, where does a disgruntled football club fan go? There is a ticking time bomb out there, just waiting to go off.

The Big Question: Wearables – where will they land? Currently, there is a heavy focus on the performance side of sport; distance covered, speed, heart rate etc. That said, we’ve seen several clubs – notably Manchester City – delve into the consumer wearable market in 2018 for stadium payments and beyond. Where will 2019 take them and how will this interact with the current mobile app approach that many have adopted?

Don’t Forget: Streaming! A much larger disruption is coming in the broadcast space with the USA leading the way in the pay-per-minute type approach that allows fans to opt in late and capture key action moments without the upfront or subscription overhead. Pay-per-view at the smallest scale could be a future trend for 2020 and beyond for the UK and Europe.

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