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Part 1 | How Technology Will Change Sport


With much uncertainty in the world of digital as the rate of development snowballs opening new opportunities and potential, it is always interesting to dip into what the market is saying.

In this mini three-part series, PTI founder Mike Bohndiek reviews some of the thoughts that have been put forth. This edition takes a look at the views of Dan Lipman, InCrowd Sports Chief Commercial Officer.

Original Post:

The Good: Virtual Reality! It’s been talked about for years by 2018 saw the launch of several real-life deployments to turn virtual into reality. With the challenge of drawing people to stadia and the competing trends for the same supporter pound

The Bad: Betting and sport – with the US market driving into shape how will this impact the UK market which is already saturated in the field. Whilst Gamble Aware and other organisations are doing good work to promote the challenges of addiction and work with those who are suffering could more be done to protect the sports market from further integration with betting paymasters?

The Big Question: How will eSports and physical world start to interact? How does a physical game meet a virtual game and take it beyond mere brand association?

Don’t Forget: Augmented Reality! Helping stadia to deal with space constraints and deliver multiple experiences to the same ground areas – an away stand for example – AR is tangibly delivering value in the present and will continue to do so into 2019.

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