The importance of the core infrastructure in sports and entertainment venues has never been greater, with the post-Covid world demanding greater digital enablement. Be it in digital ticketing or click & collect food and beverage, the fan’s device is now their window to experience – but this can only be the case if the underlying technology stack can enable this.

The Standard Approach to Technology support:

  • Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm doesn’t fit your peak times, yet is the default offering​
  • The venue can be open seven days and week and activity can occur across evenings, weekends and bank holidays – causing further costs above the baseline service and resulting in a reduction in the use of the MSP and additional workload for the internal staff to avoid said costs​
  • The technology stack at a sports venue is vastly different to a corporate environment; access control, ticketing, hospitality, IPTV etc – leaving it unsupported and with a slower resolution time during critical periods of activity​
  • Break / fix mentality means that you pay purely for reactivity, with proactivity sitting firmly as an ad-hoc professional services cost

The PTI Approach:

  • Our offering is the best fit for the client because we understand sports and entertainment intuitively. Therefore, we don’t charge you extra for operating outside of Monday – Friday 9-5 like most MSPs. We understand your peak times are evenings and weekends and these are included in your default costs​
  • We understand the setup of sports venues and the nuance technology that exists – access control, IPTV and broadcast capabilities as examples. We support these for one fixed cost, avoiding expensive professional services charges from other MSPs​
  • We operate 7x7x7 to provide seven day a week coverage without the significant expense of a 24/7 service desk (7am – 7pm, seven days a week)​
  • We sit in the proactive space. The CTOaaS vision implemented by the Venue Tech team to one end goal. Engineers are used for both break / fix and towards professional services time, reducing your ongoing costs

PTI understand the stresses and strains that an event day can cause to a venue, where an item that might be deemed insignificant on a non-event day can become of critical importance.

For this reason, our sports and entertainment specific impact urgency scale reflects the difference and ensures the highest levels of service when you need it most. In simple terms, everything is heightened on a match day to reflect the critical nature of them.

Urgency scale diagram

Our Venue Tech partnerships represent our closest working relationships with our clients. Our service technicians, our helpdesk staff and our CTO’s “join the team” and seek to fully contribute to supporting your staff, your customers and your business. We are proud of the role we play, and we understand that a good service, whilst underpinned by a robust agreement, is more than the sum of its SLAs and KPIs.

Through PTI’s pyramid approach, existing clients such as Edgbaston Stadium and Norwich City are already benefitting from the commercial returns from investments into infrastructural technology and connectivity, alongside efficient event day operations of technology.

PTI Customer Centric

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