PTI Digital launches Proprietary Technology Monitoring tool

PTI Digital have expanded their technology service provision to its clients by launching a new web/mobile application which enables venue owners to manage their IT estate more easily.

Unveiling this application comes hot on the heels of PTI launching its own managed IT Service division to support its burgeoning roster of venue clients which includes the recent additions of London Stadium, NEC Group and Wasps & the Coventry Building Society Arena – who all join other major venue technology clients in Oak View Group & Co-Op Live, City Football Group, Norwich City and Bristol Sport & Ashton Gate – and reflects PTI’s rapid pace of growth and commitment to ensuring that the quality of service remains high.

PTI understand that IT can often be complex for management teams to understand. To simplify IT and achieve accountability and visibility for all stakeholders, PTI have developed proprietary IP in the shape of a web and mobile application that allow venues to have a ‘single pane of glass’ view over the performance of the technology estate.​

​This tool breaks down the dependency chain of your core services to enable visibility as to where a problem exists. Rather than check five items, go straight to the one you know to be in error state to save time and reduce resolution times. ​For example, looking at a cloud accreditation access control system you may have a dependency chain of:

Access control software


Internet provision


Core network


Edge network


Access control reader

If a scan at the reader fails, it could be any of these five areas that is at fault; indeed, it could be more than one. Through monitoring data, be that as simple as “up” or “down” all the way through to detailed diagnostics, our software enables you to quickly visualise where in the chain the error is occurring and cut straight to resolving it.

The tool provides different internal users with a different view: with IT and Ops staff having access to much more detail and senior management who have less technical expertise being made aware of any critical problems and the fact that their colleagues are aware and remedying it. The tool means that should an issue occur, the first port of call for all staff should be the tool rather than all ringing the IT department and delaying them from fixing the problem.

PTI Digital launches Proprietary Technology Monitoring tool

Mike Bohndiek, Chief Executive Officer at PTI says “At PTI we are committed to continually innovating and providing our clients with a high quality service. Our proprietary mobile/web application continues that theme, making technology more simple and ensuring issues are resolved as quickly as possible, to make the customer experience as good as it can be and to maximise revenue generating opportunities for our clients.”


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