PTI Digital launches Data Maturity Tool for Sports Organisations

The tool forms part of PTI’s user-friendly Data Discovery service that allows sports organisations a quick snapshot of their data strengths and weaknesses.

There is an awful lot of talk about data in sport. And a lot of it is just talk. It is PTI’s ambition to demystify the sports data landscape, make it easier for sports organisations to understand it themselves and to enable them to create commercial gain through that greater understanding. Too many organisations in our view rush into the “data, what?” without first understanding the “data, why?”.

We have partnered with industry experts Bas Schnater and Geoff Wilson to develop a data maturity tool which:

  • Gives an accurate data maturity score across nine critical data pillars
  • Allows comparison with peers and versus best practice
  • Identifies areas of particular strength and weakness
  • Forms the basis for action: mitigate weaknesses, build on strengths and gives the role of data greater context within an overall strategic approach
  • Allows measurement over time to reflect improvement based on the action plan

The nine pillars that the tool interrogates are Strategy, Data Capture, Storage, Internal Expertise, Cleanliness, Protection, Marketing and Analytics.

Organisations are invited to complete a short questionnaire about each of these key topics and at the end, the tool produces a visual representation of their maturity in each area, compared against industry averages and PTI’s own expert assessment. We will also be able to present an organisation’s performance against its immediate peer group.

The tool is part of a Data Discovery process that PTI provides to sports organisations with no future obligation and is very light touch and low cost. In addition to completing the questionnaire, PTI hold a 60-90 minute interview with key stakeholders to enable us to create our own assessment for comparative purposes. We will provide a commentary on the data maturity score, highlighting key areas of opportunity and of course any immediate red flags over issues that need to be addressed quickly.

From this starting point PTI works with its clients to create a holistic approach to data strategy, from understanding the role it plays within an organisation’s future vision, designing the right ecosystem, recruiting and training the best staff and working with them throughout to understand what the data is telling them, creating better customer experiences and ultimately, turbo-charging their commercial model.

PTI will be demonstrating the model at the PTI Conference at Edgbaston on August 12th and the first five attendees to register an interest will be able to benefit from it, free of charge, If you have not yet registered and work for a venue, club, league or federation you can do so here.

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