PTI Digital partners with Forestmatic

PTI seeks to offset its carbon footprint – and help reforest Gula in Uganda – as part of its sustainability drive.

Through our new relationship PTI have pledged to plant 1,000 trees over the next 12 months to help grow forests and build a sustainable future.  As a remote business our carbon footprint comes mainly from business travel, so working with Forestmatic and their partner Kijani Forestry, we will offset it and help educate and support communities, as well as planting trees in an historic deforestation hotspot in Gula, Uganda.

As part of our pledge we will also plant a tree for every attendee at the PTI Conference on 12th August.

Michelle Tricker, GM UK & Europe at PTI said, “At PTI we are conscious that we are growing rapidly and our client base is increasingly spread across the country – and indeed in other parts of the world. As we grow we want to be sure that we’re behaving responsibly and putting a little back. The environment is a huge cause of concern for many people and a partnership with Forestmatic felt like the right one for us at this point in our growth journey. We are really looking forward to making a difference.”

About Forestmatic

Tree Nursery

Kijani has built Forestmatic Tree Nurseries and training facilities in rural communities.  Nursery hubs are high-output and used for the nursing of seedlings to saplings before planting in the reforestation site.

Reforestation Site

Dedicated sites for tree plantation are identified on farmer and community lands, owned and maintained by them, with the support of Kijani to reassure growth. Shareholder farmers are provided with tools to reforest their degraded land and build capacity for long-term income and wealth generation by means of long-term market access to fuelwood, fruit, timber and improved crops.

Tracking Tree Planting

Forestmatic allows its partners to track the trees it has planted on their own dashboard on the Forestmatic website and enables them to place widgets on their owns websites which are updated monthly with the number of trees planted to date. Once the first 100 trees have been planted it is also possible to zoom in on the map on the dashboard to see the trees you have planted.

You can find out more about Forestmatic at

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