PTI and Satisfi Labs Partner To Drive Communication Between Clubs and Fans

Emily Drakeley

PTI have partnered with Satisfi Labs, an AI-powered Knowledge Management Platform which directly answers customer questions through conversational AI. The platform transforms structured and unstructured data, using it to respond through messaging apps, voice assistants, and chat bots.

Some use cases of the Satisfi Labs platform include:

  • On-demand Answers
  • Dynamic Stats
  • Food & Beverage Finder
  • Digital ticketing assistance
  • Live venue and game-day support
  • Concessions and ticket sales
  • Trivia and mascot races
  • Foreign language response

Satisfi Labs is a leader in conversational search and commerce and is backed by companies such as Google, Major League Baseball, Red Light Management, and Tech Stars.

Alongside PTI’s current offerings and extensive experience in digital transformation and commercialisation, this new partnership continues our mission to help clubs and venues improve their communications through technology and activate digital engagement. The partnership will combine 275 global clients, demonstrating expertise in respective fields.

CEO of PTI Mike Bohndiek said, “Satisfi Labs has a great, market-proven, product which has never been more relevant. As sports and entertainment venues start to plan their re-opening, communication with fans and customers will be crucial in building confidence in live events and ultimately driving revenue returns. The Satisfi Labs platform has answered over 1 million fan questions since the COVID-19 outbreak, showing how consumers are turning digital for communications. This partnership is therefore timely today, with wider uses continuing moving forwards.”

Bill Bailey, CRO of Satisfi Labs said, “With PTI’s history of working with clubs and venues across the U.K., we see this as a great partnership opportunity to help provide meaningful communication solutions for the Sports and Entertainment industries. It is more critical than ever for visitors to access reliable and accurate information through digital engagement channels. We look forward to providing PTI’s clients with AI-powered products that connect customers to essential on-demand answers and help them feel more confident in returning to sports venues and entertainment experiences.”

We look forward to our upcoming collaborative projects with Satisfi and a long-standing relationship.

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