Rover – Enhancing Your Offering and Sponsorship Solutions 

Michelle Tricker

Using my commercial club experience, I’ve thought about the implications the pause in sport and behind closed doors matches will have on clubs’ relationships with their partners and sponsors.  COVID-19 is affecting everyone, and partners are very understanding of the impact on sport, but clubs do still need to deliver contractual value and right now this means looking for new and innovative ways to do this.  

Currently, I’m in conversations with clubs about our new partnership with Rover and how their product functions. Rover’s SDK is an extension for existing online channels, created to deliver new fan engagement and commercial opportunities, that are hosted in one place. 

I have compiled my thoughts about the challenges clubs face and how they could use Rover to better solve these.  No techie talk, just solutions to explain how Rover could enhance your existing set up! 

Media teams work hard to create matchday content. With Rover you can schedule it from your desktop to be delivered at key times pre, during and postmatch to maximise fan experience! 

Create content and campaigns within minutes and then using the data you already have, send notifications direct to fans mobiles and across socialAnalyse what content your fans like, and then match this up with your existing partners and sponsors to deliver engagement. 

Here are just a few examples that come to mind: 

  • Trivia Tuesday – challenge fans and link it to a sponsor, providing coverage within the game and some potential data collection of the fans who submit their information to win a prize. Example: Trivia from an MLS club 
  • Fan Poll – get fans to vote for the match day playlist and play this within the stadium on the day. 
  • Create your match day schedule to include pre-match build up.  Do you need to deliver more inventory to your stadium naming rights partner or training ground sponsor? Why not include an advert for them or brand the pre-match manager and player interview? Upload these to your YouTube channel, link it to your Rover account and share this content with fans. 
  • Get Match Ready – get fans on board to show their colours in time for match day and send an offer for shirts or training wear in your online shop with free delivery. 
  • On match day you can engage with fans all day, for example by getting people involved in score predictions and displaying the averages. You can also deliver the team sheet direct to mobiles “in association with (your chosen sponsor). 
  • Half-Time Entertainment – create a mini trivia or a link to memorable half-time entertainment.  Better still, get some of the players to pre-record a crossbar challenge in training and brand this for a sponsor. 
  • Post-Match – Do you have a fast food partner? If so, create a post-match offer which links directly to the local store.

These are just some ways you could use Rover, but the possibilities are endless.  

The cost of Rover’s annual license can be covered by a small number of sponsorship or advertising deals.  This year you will see value in using your App to deliver the exposure owed to your sponsors, but on top of that, you can use this to engage with more partners. Costs are covered, partners are happy, and fans can enjoy a much more engaging experience, whilst you gather data and create your own opportunities to grow revenue from your brand. 

Rover can be integrated into your system and ready for you to use within days, so you can be delivering messages and content to your fans right when you need it! 

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