Enhance Your Club App With Rover

PTI have partnered with Rover to expand our digital inventory offering and provide further advertisement solutions to clubs, which are especially beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Providing a wide range of features to help enhance your mobile applications with no development or app updates required, the Rover platform takes the capabilities of your app to the next level, with its flexibility to easily create the set up you desire.

With the Rover SDK implemented into an app, it’s easy for clubs and venues to engage and monetise fans on Mobile. By driving campaigns and activations that bring the dual wins of fan engagement and revenue, you’ll ensure you deliver the experience to the right audience and through the best channel to maximise reach.

Rover are working with 75+ teams worldwide, 70% of NFL teams and 45% of teams in the NBA/NHL.

Rover’s CEO, John Coombs, said “Building on our success in the North American sports market, Rover is excited to partner with PTI to bring our fan engagement solutions to new sports organizations in the UK”.

With PTI’s extensive and specialist experience in digital transformation and media in the sports and entertainment industry, the new partnership amplifies the capabilities that clubs and venues can tap into to achieve specific audience reach and generate further revenue.

CEO of PTI, Mike Bohndiek, said ”PTI continually look to evolve in the digital space and through our partnership with Rover we have the best of both worlds; innovation for the UK and European marketplace on a platform that is already industry proven and trusted. Rover adds capability to our consultancy and digital media offerings that will help our clients to transform the mobile experience and drive revenues whilst doing so.”

We look forward to collaborative projects and building a long-standing relationship.

Find out more about our work with Rover here!

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