PTI Consultancy Launch Site to Help Stadium Industry

Stadium for Bath

PTI Consultancy Launch Site to Help Deliver Technology Insight For Stadium & Venue Industry

PTI Consultancy has launched a new site. The site focuses on offering technology insight and consultancy to the sports and entertainment venue industry. The PTI team focus on helping stadium and venue owners utilise CTO expertise to help drive technology transformation across their organisation to primarily increase fan engagement and drive commercial growth.

More information can be found at

Ashton Gate

PTI Consultancy has seen dramatic growth since inception in 2017. Over 22 organisations from across the UK’s most loved sports and entertainment brands have engaged PTI to help drive technological transformation across the organisation. This investment in technology is helping to drive new opportunities for fans engagement and improve the level of experience across digital channels.

The exciting new projects at Ashton Gate (Bristol), Bath Rugby and Dreamland (Margate) will showcase how significant technology investment will deliver dramatic change and create a modern working environment for the employees. This technology update will also benefit the thousands of fans who visit the venues every week and improve the quality of the experience.

Founder Mike Bohndiek is leading the drive for the company “Utilising my 15 years’ experience in the sector, including two stadium transformations and deployments into 18 sporting venues in the UK and Ireland, PTI Consulting exists to enable business growth and efficiency through technological and people transformation. With each consultant having been a senior technology leader in sport previously, we intuitively understand the landscape for clubs and venues and work proactively with clients as a partner to deliver their vision”

In addition to CTO as a service, PTI Consultancy offer a full Technology Audit, DPO as a service and tournament delivery management.

Contact info:
Phone: 0333 012 9065

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